Mask for Healthy Skin

Mask for healthy skinHaving healthy skin is not only a task that we do routinely but we must use some beauty tips as we offer then this time we give you a prescription based on a mask to keep skin almonds healthy and without acne, skin impurities and dirt usually accumulates and that’s when problems arise by poor oxygenation of cells and also to moisturize.

The mask for healthy skin is simple to prepare, for this you need the following ingredients, 6 almonds which you can do is put them in a processor to which those expenses are as if dust, or you can just use a mortar where you can shred them after you’ve crushed them what you should do is this what you mix with a spoonful of yogurt.

We apply the mask on your face and then you leave for the same act on your skin for a time of 10 minutes, then you should wash your face with water with soap.

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